A realtime multiplayer runner game for mobile devices

by Hibernate Studios



Race against your friends, or other players from across the globe.

  • Customize your personalized Wylde character and compete in the famous tribal race; the Rumblerun.

  • Use jumps, rolls and sidesteps to avoid the jungle environment and take down other players with attacks and powerups!

  • Win enough races and evolve your character to become faster, bigger and smarter!

  • Create unique equipment and be prepared for the next battle-race.

  • Ruling champions from local villages approach to challenge you... Do you have what it takes to beat their score?



Wylde creatures are highly adaptive, they can adapt the appearances of a huge variety of animal species depending on their ever-changing genetic structure.


Create your very own orignal Wylde character to set your base.

Unleash your creativity on all the faces, hairstyles, skin patterns, colors and animal types and many-many other unique unlockables, to create the avatar that fits your preferences.


There are different ways the Wylde can develop themselves. They are ever-changing and adapt with incredible speed; adjusting their bodies to befit any environment or lifestyle.

When your Wylde has gained enough experience in the race, they are soon ready to evolve.

On these occasions the shaman will call you to the inner sanctum. This is where the wylde can meditate, focusing on the spiritual properties of three different crystals:


From far and wide different champion runners arrive to prove their mettle in the race. Being hailed as champions in their own villages, they now seek out new challengers of different wylde races to compete against.

Are you ahead of the competition? Then it is time to test your skills against one of these bosses!

Defeat their challenges to unlock equipment and many other unique customization options.



to iOS and Android